These rules applies for all the attendees of the event. Non-compliance with the rules may result in a warning, or in worse cases with banning.

Please read and observe the rules you accepted at the registration!

General etiquette

We do our best to create a safe environment for you and the other participants during our events. Therefore, please keep the following points in mind in all situations:

General rules

We think it's important to draw your attention to certain rules that apply to the entire territory of Hungary, regardless of us.

Registration rules

In some situations, we may need your real name and date of birth for identification purposes, such as when verifying reservations or your immunity certificates. For more information about how we handle your information, see the Privacy Policy page.

Age restriction

The convention and its venue are only open to people aged 18 and over. We ask all participants to respect good taste in the public areas of the event and to avoid explicit adult themes, dress and behavior.

Accordingly, the events of the convention are planned in such a way that the direct depiction of explicit violence or the natural depiction of death as well as the direct, natural depiction of sexuality are not defining elements. Should these elements appear in a programme, a warning about adult content will be displayed in the programme list in advance.

Clothing and costume accessories

When choosing your clothing, avoid adult themes, tools, and accessories. Latex or other costumes used for sexual purposes are prohibited in the event area. In some cases, costumes or accessories may be approved on an individual basis.

We ask that you take care of your appearance and avoid wearing anything or behaving in a way that's inconsistent with the subculture and upsets others.

Without claiming to be exhaustive, we'd like to give you some examples that can help you figure out what's allowed and what's not. If you aren't sure if your clothes are appropriate or if you feel that you need permission for something, feel free to ask an organizer.


As an event attendee, you agree that visual and/or audio material about you may be recorded at the events.

We reserve the right to use the material recorded at the event for illustration and presentation of the event media and/or programs. No claim for compensation can be made for any problems arising from this.

We give our prior consent to the use of all visual and / or audio materials created at the event for private purposes (including publication on the Internet). Publication in the media (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, blog, etc.) and / or use for business purposes or advertising is allowed only with the prior consent of the organizers. It is not permitted to share or broadcast the programmes, events and possibly also the performances of the participants in full length.

Laser equipment may be used at the event. Please be careful when taking photos during the event! The device is harmless to the human eye, but if the optics of cameras or cell phones are directly exposed to the laser light within a radius of 8 to 10 meters, the optical sensor may be overloaded and damaged.

Use the camera equipment at your own risk, we're not liable for any damage!

We give the images and materials you take the opportunity to appear on our pages, making every effort to credit the exact source. Contact us to request permission, file a complaint, or submit your images!

Suit Lounge

Only registered fursuiters can enter the locker room to change and keep their suit safe during the event.

This means that you'll only be allowed to enter the changing area if you've registered as a fursuiter and brought your fursuit to the event!

It's also forbidden to

Artist Alley and Partner Artist Program

We provide space for artists to perform or participate in Artist Alley and the Partner Artist Program. We're not involved in the sales or ordering process, nor do we charge a participation fee or commission.

All orders are placed without us, only between the artist and the client, in accordance with the artist's contract and terms and conditions. The financial and legal terms required for the sale are the responsibility of the artist making the sale, and we're not responsible for their activities, products or services.

Safety mesures and accident prevention

We discourage wearing ropes and chains hanging from your clothing, as anyone can easily get caught in them or get caught in the commotion of an event. If your suit, clothing, or costume has sharp spikes, protruding parts, or stiffeners, they should be made of sponge or some other material that cannot cause injury.

If you feel that you're overheated and need help or water, let the attendants and organizers know. In such a case, step back from the crowd and signal to the other participants with the hand signal for overheating (waving towards). If necessary, you can turn to a helper who'll offer you water.

To protect your health, we ask that you don't consume alcohol before or during the walk if you're participating as a fursuiter. If you get sick or faint, your health and not the protection of your fursuit is the most important thing for us and in the worst case for the paramedics. They'll cut off your fur and mask without thinking, which can cause you significant financial damage, even if you're only wearing a partial suit. Neither we, nor the paramedic, the doctor, the helper, the organizer and/or the passerby who's taking care of you will take responsibility for a fursuit during a health-protective (first aid) or medical procedure. If you feel that you're reaching your physical limits during the hike, tell a helper who'll arrange for you to remove your mask and sit in a safe place.

At the main venue, the Suit Lounge is available for you to cool off and relax, but still be mindful of your own limits. Especially if you drink alcohol too!