Privacy policy

We value your privacy! Our privacy policy descibes how and what data is handled by us.

Your rights

You've the right to access, correct or delete your personal data and to restrict its use. In addition, you've the right to portability of your personal data that you've provided to us with your voluntary consent, so that you can obtain a copy of the data we hold about you in a machine-readable or traditional format.

You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your data at any time. In case of withdrawal of consent, the processing and use during the previous period will be considered lawful. The deletion of the data is permanent and cannot be restored in any way.

You should know that in order to ensure the authenticity and safe operation of the database, we cannot upload data from other sources, even if the data you submit appears to be in a previously requested machine-readable format.

You can send the requests to one of the contact addresses of the organizers listed in About Us.

Data handling

Zoltán Batiz on behalf of Furdance Budapest civil társaság.

Data receivers

Your name and age may be shared with our partner providing the venue if necessary for the provision of the service.

Purpose of data management

  • Real name: This information is needed for your identification. When you arrive at the event, one of the things we need to make sure is that we actually give you your packet (con badge, lanyard, armband), also to verify the authenticity of your immunity certificates.
  • Date of birth: Tickets redeemed for certain programs may be subject to age-based discounts or may have age restrictions for participation in the programs. In order to redeem these for you in advance, we need to know your age. This will also help with on-site identification if a name match occurs.
  • Nationality: This information is displayed on the 'Attendees' page. They also contribute to the quality of the organization and running of the event, help to collect up-to-date entry and disease control information, or even facilitate the administration of visas for participants from countries outside the European Union.

Duration of data storage

The data you enter and create won't be automatically deleted and will remain stored until you revoke your consent.

Stored data

  • Account information: Real name, Date of birth, Country (nationality), e-mail address, date of registration.
  • Profile information for the event: Your character's name, Your character's species, Badge image, Profile image edited from the uploaded image, Introduction, Role (fursuiter), Registration date, Subject event.
  • Event attendance data: Selected ticket, Selected additional programs, Sponsorship type (sponsor, super-sponsor), Unique sponsor image, Unique sponsor title, Subject event.
  • Ranks and badges: Badge type, Date of acquisition, Subject event.
  • If you use a profile service or an associated account, unique ID keys or tokens are required to associate the profile service.

Furdance Profile

Some of our events require registration, which requires the use of a Furdance account. You, as the account holder, are responsible for the authenticity of the information provided in your account, the security of the account, your activities on the site, and the content you share.

The pages of the other events of the organizers (,, despite their different appearance and web address, don't have their own account database.

Login - Profile service

Instead of entering your email address and password, you can also log in with your Facebook, Google, Steam or Discord account. To create a Furdance profile, we download your name, date of birth, nationality, and email address, which you can change.

After signing up, authentication will continue through your Facebook, Google, Steam, or Discord account as long as access to the site is granted. If you revoke access, you'll lose access to your Furdance profile, from which your data won't be automatically deleted. You've the right to delete your Furdance profile information at any time.