2023-01-04 23:00:00


The e-ticket is nothing but a QR code that you must show upon entry. We hope that this system, which will be introduced gradually, will make entry faster and more convenient!

You can find the ticket at the top of the profile page after logging into your profile. To scan, press the "Show Your Ticket..." button, then hold your phone under the scanning device. We would like to ask you not to print out the ticket. If you are unable to present it on your device, you will have the opportunity to enter via the usual route for the entire duration of the event.

It is important that the e-ticket is linked to you and your registration, i.e. it can only be used once. For this reason you should not share your unique QR code with others, because if someone has already used your ticket, we cannot admit you to the event! The organizer is not liable for any resulting damage.

The character on the cover is by Sevastyan.


We'll meet soon!

We've put together some important information about the event. We want you to read the following carefully!


Winter Furs is waiting for you too!

No more restrictions are expected this winter, so registration will begin as usual on November 7, 2022. Join us for an After New Year's Eve party on January 7, 2023 at VR the magic experience and event center in Monor!